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The Congo Peace Project is committed to bringing people together for the Congo.

If you want to make an impact that is felt half-way around the world please consider sponsoring our project. For more information check out our past and upcoming events, to get a sense of what's in store. 

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We would love to welcome you to the Congo Peace Project family. Our partners believe and trust us with their time, resources and/or energy, but most of all they have a strong commitment to our mission. 

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Invite our leadership team to your, school, office, event, or anything in between--to talk about the Congo, the importance of youth voice, global citizenship, and what we can do to reshape, Congo, Africa, and the World. 


We would love to table, present, or lecture at your next event, please reach out to us! 


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The Congo Peace Project is a grassroots, charity organization, operating under the fiscal sponsorship of Southeast Uplift        Neighborhood Coalition. Your donations are tax-deductible.

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