Chapter Organizers


Jasper Geer (he/him)

Chapter Organizer @ Tufts University

Jasper is a high school senior in Mercer Island, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. Most of his family originates from South Korea and he identifies as Korean-American. He is one of the three drum majors in the Mercer Island High School marching band, which in the last four years, has performed at the, Victoria Day Parade, Tournament of Roses Parade, and most recently, a Seahawks halftime show commemorating the life of Paul Allen. He is one of the founding members of an Asian-American advocacy group which is pushing for the inclusion of global perspectives in his high school's history curriculum. In November 2019, he, along with the MIHS Gender Equality Club organized a school-wide period products drive, collecting over 3000 tampons and pads to send to Congo Peace Project. In his free time, he enjoys reading history, cooking, and teaching cross-country and skate skiing. He plans to attend Tufts University in the fall and hopes to study and do research in the emerging computational social sciences.


Brielle Mpeti

Chapter Organizer @ University of Washington, Tacoma

Brielle Mpeti was born and raised in Kinshasa, Congo and lived there for thirteen years of her life. Her family decided to move to America in 2015 to seek a better life. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington along with her parents, and two sisters. She is a senior at Orting High School and plans on attending the University of Washington, Tacoma in hopes of pursuing a career in Interior Design. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking as well as eating, and enjoying herself. She is a Congolese at heart, meaning she’ll do everything in her power to help her people. She hopes to raise awareness of what’s happening in the Congo and hopefully help her people in need.

New Hampshire

Louis Makuma

Chapter Organizer @ Philips Exeter Academy

Born to parents who escaped the constant strife of Rwanda to raise a family in Chicago, Illinois, Louis Mukama has demonstrated a thoughtful brand of leadership within his family and his school. He is a scholar of the first order, one who habitually puts the needs of others before his own and to whom one Rwandan proverb has always held true: “Knowledge, like fire, is obtained from your neighbor.” Born in the heart of Africa, the Democractic Republic of Congo, and growing up in Zambia, Louis saw how the traditional structure of the African home and community can subvert women. In the home, women are expected to care for their families, especially husbands and sons, putting their needs before their own, and teach their girls to do the same; their communities uphold these standards and feed the patriarchal norm. Louis has also seen women shake this inequitable burden, and rising far above anyone’s expectations, realize their ambitions. Working with the Congo Peace Project, Louis hopes to directly help these women by rallying support and collecting donations at his boarding school, Phillips Exeter Academy where he is a current senior. 

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