"My country is among the richest in the world, but my people are among the poorest in the world."

 -Denis Mukwege

The Congo Peace Project is a grassroots organization founded in August of 2019. The project’s mission is to fight for menstrual and educational equity for Congolese women and youth. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has suffered from political turmoil, war, and corruption for decades. To learn more click here.

The movement may start with two or three people who canvas an area and speak out, gaining support from like-minded individuals. The Congo Peace Project, is a movement towards stability and prosperity for all disenfranchised people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We work to create global citizens by beginning to expose people to matters of international relevance, in order to build mutual understanding.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a mineral-rich, country that has been robbed since before its independence. Tech companies thrive off of this theft, through the sourcing of conflict minerals. These minerals are mined in the Congo, minerals such as tin, tungsten, and coltan are mined by youth and adults alike to fuel the backbone for technological advancements. Corporations have taken advantage of the world's natural resources, including but not limited to Apple, Goggle, and Microsoft-benefit from the suffering of the Congolese people. 


Congolese youth will grow up to make a dollar a day, while helping make foreign nations billions. These mines employ a large number of youth in order to gain cheap labor and have a more youthful workforce. Many youth are forced out of school in order to help their families with basic necessities or because they simply cannot afford school or the resources necessary to succeed. 



The Democratic Republic of the Congo is often referred to as the rape capital of the world, reporting the sexual assault of 48 women an hour. These stark realities are a direct result of  violence that is widespread in the Congo. Militias-that are funded by the powerful governments of the world including France, Belgium, Rwanda, and the United States- inflict the trauma of gender-based violence on the nation’s female population. 


The Congo Peace Project can only grow with your support. Help us in our fight to reshape the DR Congo!

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The Congo Peace Project is a grassroots, charity organization, operating under the fiscal sponsorship of Southeast Uplift        Neighborhood Coalition. Your donations are tax-deductible.

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